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Our Eyebrow Microblading is custom designed for each individual client. There are no stencil or cookie cutter brows here. We start by mapping out your brows based on the symmetry of your face. The mapping gives us a starting point, we then customize that shape to your preference. The most effective numbing products, highest quality pigments and Microblading tools have been carefully selected to give our clients the best possible results. Aftercare is extremely important especially when you’ve made an investment you want to last. At Elevated Beauty Lounge, we take it seriously as well. Every client receives a care package of products to use as well as instructions to follow during the healing process. We want to help you achieve the brows you’ve always wanted.

We also offer Yumi Natural Lash Lift, which is a keratin-based treatment. It originated in France and is unlike any other lash lift treatment out there. Yumi Lash Lift gives clients the look of longer fuller lashes without the need of extensions. Our natural lashes tend to grow straight out or at a downward. The Yumi treatment lifts your lashes upward from the root while giving them the defined curl and separated look we all love. The treatment lasts for 8-12 weeks, which is unique to the brand. This product is guaranteed to not break or damage your natural lashes, but actually, encourage growth and nourish them with keratin. The formula does not contain formaldehyde, is paraben free, low in pH, contains no harsh chemicals and is hypoallergenic. Yumi Lash Lift treatment gives you dramatic, long-lasting results and will keep you coming back.

Yumi is the 2018 Innovation award winner for their new product which we will also be available to clients. Yumi Feet De Si Jolis Pieds is latest callus peel treatment out of France, and there is nothing like it on the market. This 4-step treatment is formulated to get rid of calluses in just 15 minutes and, as a class l, medical grade product is even safe for use on diabetic clients. The skin never comes back hard, like with other traditional scrapping methods. Instead, over time with multiple treatments, the skin actually becomes progressively softer. So not only will you leave with beautiful rejuvenated feet, but there are also many health benefits that come from this cutting-edge treatment.

The Founders

Debra Deacy

Debra has completed certification in Microblading, Blood Borne Pathogens and Color Theory, Skin Typing and Pigment Science. She is also a certified Yumi Lash Lift Technician. You can reach her at 602-549-4507

Erica Hall

Erica is a certified Yumi Lash Lift Technician. You can reach her at 480-233-7739

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